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April 26, 2013
Contact: Chris Hagan, 314-623-5336,

Photo: State Rep. T.J. McKenna, District 114, presented the Hagans with a resolution congratulating them on the 30th anniversary of Metro Office Supply’s Hallmark store. Pictured from left to right are owners Chris Hagan and his wife, Linda; Rep. McKenna; and Rosetta and Roger Hagan, former owners. 

 Festus’ Hallmark store celebrates its 30th anniversary

Festus, MO -- Thirty years ago this summer, Festus’ Metro Office Supply added Hallmark Cards to their inventory and added happy Hallmark customers to their clientele. Owners Chris and Linda Hagan of Festus along with their 10 employees operate this family business. Chris says it has been “a nice little life” coming of age in the store then owning the business.

“Hallmark customers are very happy people,” Chris said. “Even if they are here to pick up a sympathy card, they are still happy. These are thoughtful people.”

The office supply/furniture store opened in 1980. But in June of 1983, Hallmark Cards won over printing equipment for what was to fill the extra space the founders, Roger and Rosetta Hagan, had at their new location in the Rechter Brothers building, the present location at 102 Main Street.

Chris, the Hagans’ son, recalls that the Hallmark store in the old Twin City Mall had just closed. His dad was deciding whether or not to go with a print shop or a Hallmark store when 21-year-old Chris asked his dad a few questions and Hallmark was the choice.

“I said ‘name a card company’ and dad said ‘Hallmark.’ Now name another card company and he couldn’t do it, so the decision was made,” Chris said.

Ninety days later Roger and Rosetta had the Hallmark franchise. But just the stamp of Hallmark does not a successful business make. A few other Hallmark stores have gone out of business in Jefferson County and St. Francois County over the years. So the question is why has this Hallmark store been successful for 30 years and how have they kept their Main Street address when so many small businesses have long since shut their doors.

“The number one reason is because of our loyal customer base of more than 2,200 Hallmark Gold Crown members,” Chris said. 

He also credits the store’s longevity to management and the ever-changing merchandise plus his friendly employees and their top quality customer service approach. The store has two longtime employees in Hallmark Manager Birgit White, who has been with Metro for 26 years, and Service Manager Machelle Turner who was hired the year Hallmark was added, 30 years ago.

In 1986, Hallmark Cards, Inc. instituted the Gold Crown® store signification and this honor was bestowed upon Metro Office Supply and the Hagan family in that same year. Gold Crown® stores have a greater selection in cards, ornaments, stationary, gifts, gift wrap, and more plus they have proven to offer personalized customer service. They also have “Crown Rewards,” the store’s loyalty program introduced in 1994.

Linda said that a customer came in recently and headed to the register with a huge stack of cards. When asked why the large amount of cards, the man told the story of his thoughtful mother who always made sure that everyone in the family received a card for every important day in their life. The man’s mother had just passed away and he had picked up her list and picked up the tradition.

“He said that if it was that important to (his mother) for that long then he was not going to let it drop,” Linda said.

Chris and Linda, who bought the business in 2000, have a ton of stories that speak to what they call “the power of cards.” Chris says that he even tries to educate his fellow husbands and dads on just how important a carefully chosen card can be to a woman.

“I tell my buddies, have your kids draw their hand on the Hallmark card and have them color it then set it on the kitchen table for their mommy to see,” Chris said. “After she reads it, look your wife in the eye and tear it up in front of her, and then tell me that it is just a stupid card.”

Over the years, the computerized world made changes in the greeting card business. Today, the cards play music or will read themselves evidenced by the recordable cards and story books. Hallmark Christmas ornaments are also musical and recordable. The Hagans are still astounded at the robotics available in the Hallmark plush toys such as Jingle the Husky Pup, Hallmark’s first interactive Story Buddy.

Metro Office Supply lived through the Beanie Baby craze and say today’s trendy items are the Tervis tumblers and Davinci Beads. The owners have also seen a change in fewer collectibles being sold and more fashion jewelry and scarves sales. Hallmark does cater to the female shopper, Linda said.

“Women are the card buyers primarily with the exception of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day,” Chris said. “We have 8-year-old girls who say that (Metro Office Supply) is their Hallmark store and 80 year olds who say the same thing.”

Over the years, Metro Office Supply has been a contributor to countless community events and charities. Roger was president of the Festus-Crystal City Rotary Club the same year Chris was the Kiwanis Club president. Chris was on the planning committee for the first six years of the Twin City Days along with being the chairman for the festival’s Arts and Craft Fair and the Moonlight Bicycle Ride. Chris remembers that long before Twin City Days, Main Street merchants hosted Oktoberfest that he believes began in the late 1980’s. He also said the Hagan family spearheaded The Great Pumpkin Festival for 25 years, where children go trick or treating at Main Street and Bailey Road businesses. 

Chris fondly remembers that decades ago his dad would “pay a guy to walk up and down Main Street dressed as Santa.” 

“(My dad) just wanted to help all the Main Street merchants,” Chris said. “This Santa didn’t just stand in front of our store. Finally we encouraged Dad to have Santa here at the store and get pictures taken with the kids.”

So there could be grownups out there that still have their Metro Office Supply embossed frame with a photo of themselves sitting on Santa’s lap in the store.

Metro Office Supply withstands the test of time on Festus' Main Street


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